Air Elemental


The exact capabilities of Sprite are unknown. She has some measure of skill with thrown weapons, able to aim for very precise points without killing. Much of her body is composed of air, making her very light and quick. She is rarely seen touching the ground, and almost seems to fear it.

Sprite is a young woman, seventeen or eighteen years old. She wears a skin-tight uniform reminiscent of a wet-suit composed of an unknown material that seems to be the source of her powers. The suit is mostly white and light blue and brings to mind a blue sky on a cloudy day. Indeed, the pattern on the suit seems to move with the wind.


The Sprite works for the Avatara (Ah-Vah-Tah-Rah) as a specialist, leading small teams in smash-and-grab crimes. During these crimes, she remains at a distance, observing and directing those who actually commit the crime.

She seems to place a high priority on human life, directing her men to inflict no harm.


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