Session 4

As Chronicled by the Physician

A few days have passed:

The Physician: Nigel is currently going through his morning routine of making his bed, eating breakfast, and doing some research. Today it is of the finding out more on the bad ass robber variety. He is currently looking for more information on what she is, if she’s a water elemental, mage, etc. Her abilities match up with that of an air elemental, much in the way Adisa’s match up with a water elemental. After procuring the summoning ability from a very lenient game master, Nigel goes to get some supplies to try to summon a will o’ the wisp, cause he doesn’t want to destroy the world in the process of his first summoning. This will take several hours to complete.

Adisa: Our hero is on his way to work at 7am. He is currently assigned to figure out what a specific object is. Floating, about the size of a human torso, looks organic, but is not alive. Our hero is probably going to work 15 hours on this today.

The Paladin: The name Feles turns up no real name for an angel, but since an angel could potentially be bound by their name, he might not have given out his true name, if indeed he was an angel. Castiel, I’m looking at you. Andre decides to work on projects for the time being.

The Physician: Nigel finishes summoning the wisp, and is able to cast a spell to communicate with it. Nigel asks if there is any odd elemental activity lately, and the wisp is able to tell him that the Elementals are getting ready for war, which is a first for the races of elementals. War with what is unclear, but they are massing their “troops”, such as they are. This is new and different, so there is no real theory on what their next move is, but because there are so many in this area, BAD things are going to start happening. When asked why they are here, the wisp says it is because of Nigel, which might be just because the wisp cannot communicate this concept properly. However, all elementals are gathering all over the world, but more so in the New York area. He connects with the pipeline with this information, but does not contact The Artist, as it looks like he does magic the way the “bad guys” did. He contacts the Paladin and relays this to him. Paladin asks him if he has heard of Feles. He has heard of the name, and it has a rank in the angelic hierarchy, he doesn’t remember that rank or which side in the war against heaven it was on. He will look into it, and get back with the Paladin. He sets up a meeting to try to summon the air elemental, and also with Paladin’s carpenter friend to install a summoning circle at his house for convenience. He also calls up the Water Elephant to meet him as well for the summoning attempt.

All: All characters meet and head to the park nearest to the Physician’s office. He sets up shop and…



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