Session 1

As chronicled by Water Elephant

The Physician – Dusk

The Physician is examining an unnamed metahuman patient. The meta has third degree burns and TP is applying anesthesia. He is working at his place, which is accorded neutral ground/walk in clinic/antique store named Second Chances (run by April O’Neil). TP can not prescribe drugs, so uses a nome de plume when writing prescriptions.

On his appointment book, we see appointments for Jack Russle, Matt Murdock, Ace Ventura, Anakin Skywalker, Wilson Fisk, Wanda Maximov, Master Mold, Kurt Wagner, Adolph Hitler, Bruce Tim, and Chris Powel.

20 minutes after the burn victim leaves, there is a commotion outside. TP looks outside to investigate.

Across the street there is a quiet argument between two graffiti artists. The argument is heated, but violence has not yet erupted. TP listens in. It’s a quiet night and TP is able to hear everything:

One guy seems to be nervous about the neighborhood he’s in, the other guy is doing the tagging. They seem to be talking about Mutants and Second Chances (the store). At first he tries leaning out the window holding a book so he doesn’t look like he’s listening, then he remembers he’s a mage and casts a spell that make the wind carry the argument to him (this isn’t prophetic or anything) as the universe decides how to fuck TP over.

We really shouldn’t be here Dude calm down, they’re just rumors Yeah but every day in and out Yeah. It’s a shop. Dude, you’re full of it. Dude. Duude.

The street seems deserted except for the graffitiests. TP picks up a phone and calls da pigs. He does not stay on the line.

Paladin – Dusk

P is listening to the Police Scanner. It’s a slow night. No supervillans. Galactus seems to be out of town (or at TP’s clinic, whatever). P is working on a window for St. Patrick’s Cathedral.

Silent alarms are tripping at the Chase Brookland bank. P armors up and heads there, Tick style.

The bank is dark and dreary as Andre ponders weak and weary. Doors are locked. Andre listens, but he’s no Dresden. He hears some low mutterings below him (on the roof top). P teleports in, which gives the universe ideas on how to screw P over.

Lots of activity. About five dudes. Three are at the vault trying to hack in with a PDA, another with a pistol, and a manager. No funky stuff, just mundane bank robbers. Honest Injun.

Yeah. Right.

The bank is well lit, so P creates a hale of darts and knocks most of them out. The remaining light was apparently a disco ball in a former life and it’s getting in touch with it’s roots. He then teleports in front of the gunman, grabs him by his shirt and says, “I’m Batman.”

The gunman has Alzheimer’s and pulls his gun and targets where P used to be before he teleported. The other put stones into panic and running around uselessly with their arms in the air screaming their head off (specialty). The gunman reaches for something in his pocket.

Andre casts the level one priest spell: Command and yells halt and uses wankery, I mean Aikido, to throw the gunman into another guy. The manager pulls out his deadly cell phone. Andre piddles himself. “We’ve been made. We need an extraction.”

Andre teleports to the Manager and takes a way, dramatically. He then scores a touchdown and spikes the ball, I mean manager, and does his end zone dance. He then asks, “Who are you?” The music swells to a crescendo. He then chucks a jade dart at your humble note taker’s computer. It misses and hits the hacker’s PDA. Whew. Disgusted with his miss, he then pins the gunman as well.

“Magus.” The robbers disappear and he hears the police. Realizing if he doesn’t hurry up, he will be the rotten egg, P teleports away.

The cel says that a call was made, but not the number of the call. Weeeiiird.

The Paper – Next Day

Some douche bags tripped a silent alarm at a bank after soundlessly tunneling in from across the street. Talk about shooting yourself in the foot. This city needs a better class of criminal.



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